Aura Pro

Project type: desktop application







​One of the challenges of the project was to create a client application that was ready to be transferred to third parties, since the pattern layout would inevitably end up on a third-party computer during the editing and printing processes. For this purpose, we had to develop a multi-stage DRM solution, providing encryption and obfuscation at all stages of data transfer.

AuraPro company is in the business of making and installing protective films for cars and other vehicles. The major part in the process of making pattern layouts is ensuring the unique geometry of each segment. The database of such layouts is a key intellectual property of AuraPro.

The company approached us to develop an application designed to solve the main tasks of operations, automatization and managing the customers’ access to the forementioned database, as well as to implement a full digital conveyor: from layout design to pattern production, with an inventory of materials, pattern editing, normalization and validation of business data.

Desktop software for third-party operators

Hardware-linked software for desktop computers with the auto-update feature. The application is equipped with measures that prevent direct retrieval of pattern layouts even if they are used on the operator's computer. Tight integration with third-party patterns and OS applications provides the user with a seamless and comfortable experience.

Web administration client

The web application is powered by VueJS and includes such features as advanced search, aggregation and business data management. Reusing components of the web application has reduced development time and cost.

​Vector Editor

An Inkscape-based editor that prevents extraction of the current working files, handles encrypted files, and obfuscates the canvas workspace without making the changes more complex.


A custom version of Inkcut software, fine-tuned to fully support the plotters available to the clients. It serves as the final step in the production, creating finished cutouts out of the files uploaded via the Admin Panel.

Project manager

Alexey Avramenko


Alexander Maznichenko


Daniil Pokusaev


Daniil Pokusaev, Sergei Shikalov

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