Project type: HTML5 2D game




McDonald’s, the fast food giant, started experimenting with new features added in the latest update for the VK social network embedding HTML5 apps right into their posts. To take advantage of the new feature, McDonalds’s launched a marketing campaign that revolves around an online game, in which players are rewarded with a special promo-code that can be used in McDonald’s restaurants. We were tasked with development of the game, a small 2D platformer in which the main character is on a quest to obtain a “Big N’ Tasty” hamburger and has to a overcome a series of obstacles.

We finished the project despite a fairly tight deadline. The development was complicated by the requirement of adaptability: the game had to be displayed correctly on all devices, which proved to be a challenge.

Over the course of the development of the game we managed solve the performance issues in Firefox, which is infamous for its limitations when working with Canvas and SVG.

As the result, McDonalds’s May 2020 marketing campaign on VK was a success.


Adaptive game interface

Great performance in all browsers, desktop computers and handphones

Competent gameplay

Jumping game mechanic

Project manager

Daniil Pokusaev


Alexey Avramenko

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