A Nice Day

Project type: Videohosting website with a custom video player






'A Nice Day' dance studio approached us with an idea for a startup – an online platform with subscription-based dance lessons. At the start of the project GetCourse was chosen as the platform. However, the limited functionality of GetCourse was insufficient for full-fledged video hosting as it didn’t provide a wide enough channel for streaming, therefore the built-in video player was out of the question.

We decided to develop our own video hosting segment, an admin panel to manage the database with video lesson, and a custom video player with all the functionality required. The video lessons themselves were embedded into GetCourse pages via iframes.

In this project we implemented the full development cycle on a turnkey basis - from an idea to infrastructure and administration.


Easy navigation between individual lessons: a single lesson is divided into sections, each section contains a set of timecodes

Video quality options

«Mirror mode»

Volume control

Fullscreen mode

Video stream caching


Project manager

Alexey Avramenko


Daniil Pokusaev, Igor Yakimov


Sergei Shikalov, Igor Yakimov

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